Seminar on Commodity Trading (Exclusively For Commodity Traders)

Dear Traders/Investors

In order to spread awareness about the commodity futures market and educate different sections about this emerging segment of the market, IBBM is organizing an exclusive seminar only for commodity traders.

The Seminar sessions will focus on practical understanding of the concepts and procedures along with the facts and the myths. This session on Commodity will provide an overview of the emerging derivative segment of the commodity market & the way in which different market participants like producer, consumer, trader and investor can participate and make the wealth in this market.

 Seminar will cover the following Topics

  • Concept of Commodity Trading (Agro & Non-Agro)
  • Trading Volatility in the Commodity Markets.
  • Importance of Margins in Commodity Markets.
  • Discussion about effects of economic and whether conditions on a Commodity Prices.
  • How to pull consistent returns in Commodity Market.
  • Influences on Commodity Markets: World Economy, International Conflicts

Eligibility for the Seminar

  • Candidate should be a commodity trader since last minimum one year.
  • Candidate should have a basic knowledge & good interest in the Commodity Market.
  • Age should be more than 20 Years.

Note: There is no fee for this seminar; this is entirely free of cost. Candidates can participate in the seminar in two ways, Online & Offline. For further details please write to or Call 9990799979/82.

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